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A tiny introduction.

My name is Julia Zuleger. I'm a Designer and a Creative Coder.

I like the reactivity of the digital. I like it when the immaterial code meets the haptical world. I like to initiate interaction.

I studied Electronic Media at the 'Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach/Main' (University of Applied Arts).


2015 Shift Of Matter. Zollamt Studios, Offenbach/Main
2012 gout8. current analogies, Sheraton Hotel, Offenbach
2011 Popup: Project, Bus Projects, Melbourne
2010 Half Reference, Satellit Berlin, Berlin
2009 Nowaja Zemlja, Fabrik Frankfurt, Frankfurt/ Main

reactive spaces

Interactive Video
And Multimedia

Shift of Matter

Shift of Matter

A generative installation with frozen water, cameras, a projector, software. This project wants to examine the relation of material and the immaterial for all digital. Blocks of ice serve as the medium for input and output in this installation.

Ways of Remembering. 1

Ways of Remembering

A video installation, using a fabric as an analog filter. This work wants to elevate the beauty that lies in the ordinary. Urban city scenes have been transformed into an abstract composition of colors and movements.

Park. 1


In this interactive installation the visitors reveal fragments of different park scenes with their bodies. The movements of every visitor uncovers and distort these scenes at the same time. Together they form an abstract image of a park scene that wasn't there before.

Half Reference. 1

Half Reference

The aesthetic of childhood memories has been shaped by fragments of TV shows and Super 8 videos. We created a video installation containing some of these images and transformed these to fragments that can be seen on all sides of the room and outside of the gallery. with Madeleine Brady

Superposed Swevens. 1

Superposed Swevens

We wanted to inspire fantasy through the unexpected. These three prints reveal new details if you walk by closely. The surreal scenes come to life. Through lenticular print technique animation can be brought to an analogue medium: the printed image. with Leonie Link

reactive design

Web & Interface
Design, Frontend

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach. 1


Redesign for the website of the Hochschule für Gestaltung (University of Art and Design) Offenbach am Main. Concept & Design with Mathias Bär, Anna Skopp, Manuel Rossner.

saasfee*pavillon. 1


New website for the art and exhibition space "saasfee*pavillon" in Frankfurt / Main. Conception, Design & Development.

Spacekitchen. 1


New website of the architecture and design studio "Spacekitchen" in Frankfurt / Main. Design and Development

Kia Soul EV. 1


Microsite for the new Kia Soul EV (done by saasfee*). Part of Conception and Development.

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Julia Zuleger
Zollamt Studios
Frankfurter Straße 91
63067 Offenbach

Julia Zuleger
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reactive spaces

interactive video
and multimedia installations

reactive design

web & interface
design, frontend development